At Urban Extracts we believe that extracting essential oils is the future and as technology improves end users can now easily and safely extract essential oils from a variety of plants. The following are the safest methods for human consumption. 

  • Dexso DME open blast
  • RosinTech and Sho hydraulic presses
  • Bubble bags
  • Pollen Master
  • Ice water

Dexso DME uses a natural alcohol called Dimehyl Ether to drench plant material and dissolve natural plant oils. The end product must be purged using a vacuum oven and pump to remove unwanted solvent.

RosinTech and Sho industries manufacture market leading hydraulic presses which produce a natural, organic end product using heated metal plates under pressure. Operators have complete control over temperature, pressure and duration. No purging needed.

Bubble bags use ice water to freeze resin glands on plant matter which is separated by nylon mesh of different microns. All that is needed is a bucket and ice water to produce natural, organic extractions with no purging needed.

Pollen Master are the leading manufacturer of rotating sifting machines which separate plant resins by tumbling them in a mesh drum. Different size mesh can be used depending on the plant used.

Ice water extractors are basically and mechanical version of the bubble bags which can process much larger amounts of plant matter.

All of there products are manufactured by industry leading companies which offer genuine warranties and excellent after sales service.