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Rosintech products All-In-One™

  • Rosintech products All-In-One™

RosinTech products

Rosintech products All-In-One™


The Rosin Tech All - In - One™ Rosin Press is not only built for steady production, it shines when in the spot light. The All - In - One is a great press for dispensary owners looking to put a beautifully designed, powerful machine in their stores.

Preferred Bag Sizes: 1.25'' x 3.25'' Bags or 2'' x 3.5'' Bags

Recommended Accessories: Small Pre-Press | 6" x 8" RTP Parchment Paper | 10" x 8" RTP Parchment Paper | Dank Fung Extracts Vape Pens / Vaporizers Electric Nail Portable E Nail


Rosin Tech All-In-One™ Rosin Press Features

  • Pressure: 6 Tons from closed loop hydraulic system - in other words no air compressor needed!  

  • 2 3/8" x 4 3/8" Solid Aluminum Dual Heat Platens;

  • Even heat distribution with micro processor precision temperature gauge;

  • Temperature Range: 0° - 415º F; 

  • Digital Automatic Timer for keeping consistent press lengths;

  • Digital Counter to track how many presses per session or all time;

  • Dual two-hand control operation;

  • Emergency Stop Button;


  • Shipping Dimensions: 22 inches by 15 inches by 14 inches; Weight 95 lbs
  • Electric: 240 Volts | 800 Watts | 7.3A 
  • RTP Operating Manual Included 

    Rosin Press Return Policy: No returns on any sales are permitted, all presses now come with a one year warranty, which begins upon product delivery. During that time we will supply parts free of charge, for anything that breaks. If the press is damaged beyond repair and requires a return, we will cover the cost of shipping and send out a new machine.

    Feature 1

    DEXSO Dimethyl Ether D.M.E. Near Zero Impurities

    Feature 2

    Dexso D.M.E. produces purer extracts than Ethanol, higher, safer yield per extraction than Butane and is faster and cheaper than CO2.

    Feature 3

    The Dimethyl ether used for Dexso D.M.E. is exactly the same as the one used for the food and cosmetic industries